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9 tips to get you in the mood for some Cannabis Mary Christmas


Mary Christmas Vacation: At Cannabis Clubs

This Mary Christmas vacation tis’ the season to be jolly and a little bit holly-high! As the snowflakes fall and the stockings are hung with care, why not add a touch of green to your Christmas celebrations? In this Mary Christmas guide, we’ll explore a potpourri of tips, tricks, recipes, and everything in between to help you infuse your holiday season with a little extra joy and relaxation.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no1:

Spice up your tree with homemade cannabis-themed ornaments. Craft tiny pot leaf cutouts, cannabis-inspired snowflakes, or even mini marijuana wreaths to add a touch of green to your holiday decor.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no2:

Instead of the usual gift exchange, consider a cannabis-themed one. Share your favorite strains, edibles, or accessories with friends and family. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Mary Christmas vacation tip no3:

Enhance your light display with a little twist. Wrap your lights around cannabis plants (fake ones, of course) for a festive and cozy glow. It’s sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no4:

Upgrade your hot cocoa or eggnog by infusing it with cannabis. Consider making a batch of cannabis-infused marshmallows to top off your drinks. Sip and savor the holiday spirit with an extra kick.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no5:

Get creative with your rolling skills and craft a snowman-shaped joint. Decorate it with edible glitter or colorful sugar for a festive touch. It’s a unique way to light up your holiday celebrations.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no6:

Forget milk and cookies; Santa might enjoy a little something extra special. Bake some cannabis-infused cookies to leave by the fireplace. Who knows, he might appreciate the new twist on an old tradition.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no7:

Create a cannabis-infused holiday cocktail menu. From THC-infused cranberry mules to CBD-infused candy cane martinis, your guests will be toasting to a very merry Mary Christmas.

Mary Christmas vacation tip no8:

After the festivities, unwind with a cannabis movie marathon. From classic stoner comedies to mind-bending films, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to pass the popcorn and the joint!

Mary Christmas vacation tip no9:

Ultimately if you fancy it why not get away for the festive period and enjoy a cannabis themed holiday. Be it Amsterdam or Antigua there is a holiday out there for you, but if you’re thinking of planning a city break then you can’t look past Madrid. 


Bustling with bars and cafes Madrid is a must for the nightlife and the amazing vintage shopping. Another interesting area to explore is Madrid’s legal cannabis club culture where you get access to some of the best strains of weed and hash around in a cool chilled out vibe. That’s why its really amazing to have teamed up with the guys at so that you can get 25% of an invitation to a legal cannabis club in Madrid on your next visit to Spain’s capital.


This Mary Christmas, embrace the spirit of the season with a green twist. From crafting cannabis-inspired decorations to infusing your favorite holiday treats, there are countless ways to elevate your Christmas celebrations. Just remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the festive ride. May your days be Mary and bright!


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