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Questions About Aspects of Madrid’s Cannabis Clubs? Madrid 420 will try to answer them. 



If you’re gearing up for a visit to one of Madrid’s cannabis clubs, make sure to check out our responses to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Marijuana consumption is decriminalized in private spaces for adults in Madrid. However, selling, importing, or using marijuana in public places remains illegal. Always consume responsibly and be aware of the legal restrictions.

ost cannabis clubs in Madrid operate on a membership basis. While some may offer trial memberships or reduced fees for visitors, free memberships are not common. It's advisable to check with the specific club about their membership policies.

No, using weed in public places is illegal in Madrid. Consumption should be confined to private spaces to comply with the law.


Membership durations vary between cannabis clubs in Madrid. It's essential to check with the specific club regarding their membership terms and renewal policies.

Cannabis clubs typically offer a variety of products, including different strains of marijuana, edibles, concentrates, and sometimes even paraphernalia. The selection may vary, so it's recommended to inquire with the club about their offerings.


Many cannabis clubs offer alternative products, such as edibles, oils, or tinctures, for those who prefer not to smoke. It's best to communicate your preferences with the club staff to explore suitable options.

Yes, cannabis clubs have the right to reject membership applications. Clubs typically conduct interviews to assess whether potential members align with their values, ethos, and local laws. Reasons for rejection may vary.

Cannabis clubs often maintain a discreet profile due to legal considerations. They may not be listed on popular mapping platforms to maintain a level of privacy and compliance with regulations.

Rules regarding outside food may vary from club to club. It's recommended to check with the specific cannabis club about their policies on bringing food.


Generally, cannabis clubs are social spaces for members to relax and enjoy cannabis responsibly. They are not designed for work or study purposes. It's essential to respect the club's intended atmosphere and adhere to their rules and regulations.


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