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Bong Hits vs. Spliffs


Embarking on a journey through Madrid’s dynamic cannabis culture becomes even more thrilling when you’re equipped with the right information

Greetings, fellow explorers, welcome to the enthralling realm of toking techniques! Today, we embark on an immersive odyssey through the veils of curiosity, aiming to dissect the fundamental disparities between the art of hitting a bong and the ritual of smoking a spliff. Prepare your preferred snacks, nestle into the coziest corner you can find, and join me on this hazily captivating expedition into the realm of herbal indulgence.

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chueca madrid cannabis

Bong vs. Spliff:

Round One

Our inaugural stop on this enchanting journey leads us to the kingdom of the bong. Envision a sleek, glass masterpiece—water bubbling with eagerness and a bowl tightly packed with your cherished green companion. As the herb ignites, the bong gracefully fills with a satisfying swirl of smoke, an enticing promise of a direct route to euphoria.

Bong vs. Spliff: Round Two

Bong hits serve as the express train to Cloud 9. The water filtration system cools and purifies the smoke, delivering a velvety and potent hit that embraces you like a gentle wave. The process of taking a bong hit evolves into an art form, with enthusiasts refining their techniques for the ultimate lung-filling experience.

Bong vs. Spliff: Round Three

Now, let’s transition into the domain of the spliff. Imagine a convivial circle of friends passing around a joint meticulously rolled to perfection, containing a harmonious blend of tobacco and the green goddess. The spliff, a hybrid creation, introduces a unique symphony of flavors and a mellower high, facilitating a more gradual ascent into euphoria.

Bong vs. Spliff: Round Four

Smoking a spliff is a communal experience, a collective journey where the flavors of tobacco and cannabis pirouette together in a choreographed puff. The unhurried burn of a well-rolled spliff invites contemplation, rendering it the perfect companion for profound conversations and creative brainstorming sessions.

Bong vs. Spliff: Round Five

Now, let’s delve into the crux of the matter—the highs. Hitting a bong unleashes a powerful and instantaneous punch, propelling you into a realm of laughter, introspection, and perhaps a touch of sofa-lock. It functions as the express elevator to stoner bliss, with effects that strike swiftly and forcefully.

Bong vs. Spliff: Round Six

Conversely, the spliff offers a more nuanced experience. The amalgamation of tobacco and cannabis creates a milder, more sociable high—a gentle rollercoaster guiding you on a leisurely journey through a landscape of positive vibes and relaxation.

Bong vs. Spliff: Round Seven

Undeniably, both methods present a unique yet distinct high, and for those seeking a bong hit or the chance to roll a nice blunt, more and more of us are also looking for the finest strains of weed and hash. Once just the domain of Amsterdam, cannabis clubs are starting to appear across Europe as many countries look to legalise marijuana. In Madrid, the simplest and most economical method to access a variety of strains is by visiting Here you can find an invitation to a cannabis club and for a limited period you can get a 25% discount on the price of an Invitation so there really has never been a better opportunity to combine smoking a spliff or hitting a bong in one of the coolest cities in Europe.

Whether you identify as a fervent bong enthusiast or a dedicated spliff connoisseur, read The Art and Joy of Crafting the Perfect Spliff, the decision ultimately hinges on personal preference. Each method boasts its unique allure, providing a distinct sojourn into the enchanting world of herbal enjoyment.

Therefore, the next time you stand at the crossroads of bongs and spliffs, bear in mind that it’s not solely about the destination; it’s about the delightful journey that leads you there. Happy toking, fellow adventurers! May your clouds be fluffy, and may your highs be eternally pleasurable.


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